Allegiant Giving is a community committed to supporting United States military veterans in education, employment, and entrepreneurship. 

We are a community-based veterans service organization that connects veterans to employment, resources, and opportunities.

Our unique program provides a pathway for veterans that guides them from a goal’s assessment, to next-step planning and access to a powerful network of local resources including:

• Innovative career training and placement programs

• Mentoring

• Financial assistance

• Life skills

• A vibrant community of friends and supporters

All of which help to transform you from being a military professional to a successful civilian.

Our objective is to honor, invest in, and connect with veterans in order to:

  • Increase awareness about veterans sacrifices in serving our country
  • Providing a pathway for veterans to find careers with a future through market driven job and career training
  • Connect Employers with highly qualified veterans that match both of their employment needs
  • Provide mentoring and connections to foster entrepreneurial growth and success

Since our inception in 2010, Allegiant Giving has served over 1000 veterans and military spouses. Through the generous support of our donors as partners we have:

Action Track Chairs
to veterans who have sustained injuries while serving

Hours of classroom training in high-demand certificate and workforce readiness programs

Hours of mentoring for up-and-coming entrepreneurs

Community socials and special events

Our Partners


Allegiant Giving started in 2010 when a few football coaches got together to organize a football invitational

bringing the student athlete and community together all for a cause – to honor the men and woman who have served and sacrificed for our freedoms, and to support them in their ongoing transition back to civilian life.

This cause is the reason behind every decision we make at Allegiant Giving – to provide opportunities for the community to honor, invest, and connect.