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  • FREE for veterans, transitioning service members and their families.
  • SKILLBRIDGE – Our DOD authorized SkillBridge can be customized to your desired skills, location, and duration.
  • 100% Online – All of our courses operate entirely REMOTE, with flexible time lines designed to custom fit your lifestyle 
  • 1 year to a new career – The traditional university route takes an average of 6 years, with a graduation rate of only 60%. By cutting out the excessive required courses and 4 month long semesters, our program will have you re-skilled, and job ready in one year, and earning a real living by the end of year two.
  • Specializations – Take a full series of courses that and ear CERTIFICATIONS. Re-skill for a career in a new field.

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Our partnership with Coursera allows PatriotU to offer thousands of courses, and hundreds of specializations. Enabling us to meet your exact education needs, no matter what level you are at in your chosen field. Explore our featured specializations below to discover a path. Fill out our survey for access to our COURSE CATALOG, and build your own. 

PATRIOT U is an online education platform designed for the professionals exiting the United States military. The goal of PATRIOT U is to get you from your career in military service, into your next career field as quickly as possible. Professionally curated “specializations”, or programs containing several courses, will provide you with the necessary skillset needed to get hired in the most direct possible path. From there, we have an endless number of skills that you can stack onto your resume.

Enroll in our Certificate Program and earn four certificates in one advanced Cybersecurity program: The (CCRMP) Certified Cybersecurity Risk Management Professional consumes and subsumes the –> CAP, CEH, CISSP.

Each certificate validates your NIST Risk Management Framework 100% hands-on project experience and Cybersecurity knowledge to employers and helps you get on your way to the six figure job you are looking for.

Created by industry experts the Certified Cybersecurity Risk Management Professional curriculum was designed to meet the needs of today’s ever evolving Cybersecurity industry.

  • Learn AWS fundamental concepts including Regions, Availability Zones, and Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs)
  • Learn how to use AWS compute, storage, database, and security services via the AWS Console
  • How to make an applications durable, distributed, and highly available
  • Foundational security concepts, including basic concepts such as “least privilege” and the “Shared Responsibility Model.”
  • 4 courses, approximately 44 total hours

Amazon Web Service Fundamentals

JAVA Programming

  • Take your first step towards a career in software development with this introduction to Java—one of the most in-demand programming languages and the foundation of the Android operating system.
  • Designed for beginners, this Specialization will teach you core programming concepts and equip you to write programs to solve complex problems.
  • You will gain the foundational skills a software engineer needs to solve real-world problems, from designing algorithms to testing and debugging your programs.
  • Centered around projects, you will create a portfolio of work to demonstrate your new programming skills.
  • Projects in your portfolio will include: an interactive webpage that applies filters to images, an analysis of CSV data files, an encryption program, a predictive text generator, and a recommender engine similar to those used by Netflix or Amazon.
  • 5 courses, approximately 90 hours

Google Cloud Architecture

  • Learn the skills needed to be successful in a cloud architect role
  • Review each section of the exam using highest-level concepts to identify what is already known and surface gap areas for study.
  • 7 courses, approximately 75 hours
  • Learn about the infrastructure and platform services provided by Google Cloud Platform
  • Prepare for the Professional Cloud Architect certification

Digital Marketing

  • Learn to evaluate and choose appropriate web analytics tools and techniques

  • Earn familiarity with the unique measurement opportunities and challenges presented by New Media

  • Gain an understanding of the motivations behind data collection and analysis methods used by marketing professionals

  • Understand frameworks and approaches to measuring consumers’ digital actions

  • 7 courses, approximately 125 hours

  • Install Python and write your first program

  • Describe the basics of the Python programming language

  • Use variables to store, retrieve and calculate information

  • Utilize core programming tools such as functions and loops

  • 5 courses, approximately 75 hours

IT Automation with Python Programming

The Patriot U Advantage

Traditionally, veterans pursue a college education after separating from the service. However, college is not designed with the needs of veterans in mind. College is intended for adolescents, with few responsibilities and obligations, and the ability to give complete focus to the pursuit of completing a degree. Veterans rarely have that luxury. They are not adolescents, they are professionals looking to change careers. They have families to take care of, bills to pay, teams to coach, and a wide range of responsibilities accumulated over the course of a military career. These responsibilities are not conducive to success in an education system that requires that you be on campus 20 hours per week, plus commute time, and then engage in another 40 hours of self guided study on the various subject matters, for at least 4 years. 

Veterans need a different system. A system that takes into account the lifestyle and needs of professionals exiting the US military. That’s why Allegiant Giving has created, PATRIOT U. An education platform built specifically to cater to the needs of the professionals exiting the US military, pursuing their next career. Built by veterans, PatriotU provides streamlined pathways for post military professionals to find success as they pursue their next career.

  • Specializations – Take a full series of courses that will prepare you for a career in a new field. Think of it is your Non-Military Occupational Specialty 
  • 100% Online – All of our courses operate entirely remotely, with flexible time lines designed to custom fit your lifestyle 
  • 1 year to a new career – The traditional university route takes an average of 6 years, with a graduation rate of only 60%. By cutting out the excessive required courses and 4 month long semesters, our program will have you job ready in one year, and earning a real living by the end of year two.
  • One course at a time – Taking only the classes needed to learn a particular skillset, you can focus and build from the ground up without diluting your time with extraneous unrelated electives. You’re here to learn a skillset, and start a career. If you want to learn about history or philosophy, read a book.
  • LinkedIn integrated – Completion of our courses will be displayed on your LinkedIn, adding to your online resume in real time
  • Professional Development – Sometimes you need to fill in a skill gap, or refresh/update your knowledge base. You can take courses to become a more confident writer, or better understand statistics. Choose for a variety of skills that will help you go farther, faster. 
  • Accountability – The US military leverages humanities social nature very effectively, recognizing that teammates will do more for one another, than most individuals will do for themselves. When exiting the military, we lose that team, and often lose the initiative to help ourselves. PatriotU is that teammate that you depend on, and that depends on you.
  • Just like in the military, PATRIOT U knows the importance of working as a team to accomplish a mission. Your new mission may be very individualistic, however the root to success requires teamwork. We are that team. Regular events, video meetings, and battle buddies.