Battle for Veterans

Battle For Veterans | Allegiant Giving

As our hometown heroes return from the battlefield, Allegiant Giving recognizes the sacrifices they have made.   Through various funding opportunities, we help contribute to a successful re-entry back into civilian life.   Our mission is to honor, invest, and connect with our Military Veterans and communities.  

Our Beginning

The Battle For Veterans team began in 2010 when a few football coaches got together to organize a football invitational bringing the student athlete and a community together all for a cause.   Our cause is supporting those who have fought for our freedoms and their ongoing transition back into civilian life.   The cause is the reason behind every decision with events providing opportunities for the community to honor, invest, and connect!   Allegiant Battle For Veterans says "thank you" in helping us move forward, your sponsorship, and the endless volunteer effort and hours.  

The Plan

To accomplish our mission, we approach from different angles.   Our battle plan includes: 


  • Increasing awareness about our veterans and their sacrifices in serving our country
  • Providing mentoring to fostor entrepreneurial relationships for veterans
  • Connecting veterans with prospective employment opportunities to match employer needs with veteran skill
  • Supplying Action TrackChairs to as many well-deserving heroes as possible


The Battle

We support military veterans and their families one-at-a-time pursing a lasting relationship and friendship.   Allegiant Battle For Veterans has provided Action Trackchairs to veterans who have sustained injuries while serving.   As part of the veteran mentoring program, Allegiant is providing a pathway for veterans to find jobs with a future starting first by connecting veterans with one of the Allegiant Giving Partners.  


Battle For Veterans | Allegiant Giving

Battle For Veterans | Allegiant Giving

Battle For Veterans | Allegiant Giving

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