Mobilizing Veterans

The Action TrackChairs create new possibilities for veterans who have sustained serious injuries and/or can no long enjoy outdoor activities because of age.  Veterans are using the chairs to hunt, fish, enjoy campsite activities, pick huckleberries, pull their children on a sled in the snow, pull a kayak to the water's edge, or even to walk their daughter down the aisle at her beach wedding. 

Allegiant Giving relies on the support of our Partners.  Together we have supplied veterans and organizations that serve veterans with twelve(12) Action TrackChairs

As a result of the Alpine Cares Golf Tournament, Allegiant Giving was able to provide six (6) Action TrackChairs to the Spinal Care Injury Home Care Program, part of the VA Palo Alto Health Care System.  The Allegiant team is humbled knowing that new spinal care treatment protocols are being written for the chairs.  This is a game changer for those who have personally witnessed veterans in chairs using them for the first time.  The chairs will make a great difference in the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress, depression, and suicide prevention.  Currently there is a waiting list of more than a handful of prequalified veteran chair applicants.  This is good news as it clearly defines the need; help us aid our veterans by participating in our upcoming events, or by donating financially or with your time today!

Organizations like the Field of Dreams and Purple Hearts & Heroes Foundation have also been given chairs.  Both organizations are committed to the outdoor lifestyle impacting hundreds of veterans each year with trips across the United States and into Canada. 

Action TrackChair recipients include:

  • Lance Corporal Thomas Parker
  • Field of Dreams - an Allegiant Giving Partner
  • Purple Hearts & Heroes Foundation
  • Spinal Care Injury Home Care Program - VA Palo Alto Health Care
  • Gary Boyd - through Black Oak Casino Resort
  • Tuolumne Trails - through Black Oak Casino Resort
  • A third - through Black Oak Casino Resort




Mobilizing Veterans | Allegiant Giving

Mobilizing Veterans | Allegiant Giving

Mobilizing Veterans | Allegiant Giving

If you are or know someone who is a veteran who has a need please contact us and we will do our best to provide support. 

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